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Report Information

Report Type: Lost Animal
Report Date: Monday, November 13, 2017
Report Time: 9:43 PM

Your Information

Your Name: Lynn W Callahan
Main Phone Number: 3369968905
Second Phone Number: 3368315619
Email Address:

Lost Animal's Information

Species: Cat
Breed: Domestic SH- Korat decent
Color: Grey
Sex: F
Size: Small
Weight: 10 lbs
Age: 5 yrs
DateLost: 10/20/2017
Where Lost: Kernersville
In the Vicinity of: Dean Road and Kerner Road....possibly Piney Grove Road
Additional Comments: Please help my girl find her way back home to her loving family who misses her so very much! She has the run of our house and sleeps on any bed she wishes....she has never been gone like this before, so we are afraid someone fell in love with her...thinking she was a stray. She regularly goes out hunting and it came that bad storm right after she was out....I'm afraid she may have lost her way...please keep an eye out for her...she may be hiding around your out buildings, etc. Any sightings or information about her is greatly appreciated.

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