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Report Information

Report Type: Found Animal
Report Date: Thursday, December 28, 2017
Report Time: 9:14 AM

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Main Phone Number: 3362518889
Second Phone Number: 3367745111
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Found Animal's Information

Species: Dog
Breed: Mix-looks like small blonde lab but size of a beagle
Color: blonde
Sex: F
Size: Medium
Weight: 15
Age: 5
DateFound: 12/27/2017
Where Found: Winston-Salem
In the Vicinity of: Lockwood Drive -Between Jonestown Rd and Highway 158
Additional Comments: Driving home last night around 6:30. Small dog jutting in the road. I honked to keep it out of road, then it began chasing my car down the middle of the road. Stopped, it came to me and got in car. I walked her around a bit to see if she'd go to a house around there and asked a few people if they knew her. This is a female, either going into or out of heat or just had pups. She's very friendly, polite and quiet. Has a collar, no tags. She slept in the bed next to me. OK with cats other dogs. Very hungry. She is unique, looks like a very small blonde lab. 1 ft tall at back and 1 1/2+ to top of head about 1 1/2 ft long. Brown nose, her muzzle is stained under her eyes like she's been crying. Kind of think she may be an outdoor dog? :(

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