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Report Type: Found Animal
Report Date: Saturday, March 3, 2018
Report Time: 11:04 AM
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Your Name: Coleen Bernat
Main Phone Number: 3366025062
Second Phone Number: 3366025062
Email Address:
Found Animal's Information
Species: Dog
Breed: German Shepard(?? Pit) mix
Color: Brindle
Sex: M
Size: Small
Weight: Approx. 12lbs
Age: 3-4 months
Date Found: 3/2/2018
Where Found: Winston-Salem
In the Vicinity of: 753 Anson St.
Additional Comments: I found your puppy last night. It was 1am and 33° with 40 mile/hr. winds. He was freezing, half starved and scared to death. I saved your sweet INNOCENT, HELPLESS, HARMLESS. PUPPY last night. YESi found him, right where you left him cold alone and TIED TO A RAILING LEFT TO DIE !! You should be ASHAMED ! You are a MONSTER !! I saved your little baby dog last night, I just THANK GOD that he's still young enough to FORGET YOU !!
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