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Social Services Board


Members and Non-Voting Staff Person(s)

Under the provisions of G.S. 108-9, 10, and 11, the Forsyth County Board if Social Services is composed of five (5) members, the number of members having been increased from three (3) to five (5) by the Board of Commissioners as authorized by the 1963 Legislature. Members serve 3-year staggered terms. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms, except the limitation does not apply if the member of the social services board was a member of the board of county commissioners at any time during the first two consecutive terms, and is a member of the board of county commissioners at the time of re-appointment. (This became effective July 2, 1981.)
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Board increased from three (3) to five (5) members by Board of Commissioners at meeting 7-1-63.

Currently Serving

NameTitleTerm Expires
Ms. Debra Donahue Staff
Ms. Karen Durell 6/30/2020
Mr. Fleming El-Amin 6/30/2019
Mr. David R Plyler 6/30/2019
Hon. Evelyn A Terry Chair 6/30/2017
Ms. Claudette B Weston 6/30/2018


Fourth Monday at 11:30 a.m. in the 5th Floor Board Room, DSS Building, 741 N. Highland Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC.

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