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In 2007 CenterPoint adopted its second strategic Local Business Plan for Fiscal Years 2008-2010. The LBP was approved by the Board of Commissioners in Davie, Forsyth and Stokes Counties and certified by the State. Included as major goals in the LBP are the following:
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  1. Develop the continuum of community services to address mental health/developmental disability/substance abuse needs;

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  3. Create enhanced community acute care services under CenterPoint's designation as a stand-alone Crisis Region;

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  5. Develop a system of care approach that includes all aspects of recovery for children and adults;

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  7. Support the provider network in the delivery of Evidence-Based Practices that enhance consumers' ability to reach self-directed outcomes; and

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  9. Maximize the positive impacts for consumers and the community through collaborative relationships with key stakeholders including Department of Social Services, Department of Public Health, law enforcement and the judicial system, the medical community, faith-based entities, and educators.

Members and Non-Voting Staff Person(s)

The structure and composition of the Board is defined by statute, N.C.G.S. 122C-118.1. It may consist of between 11 and 25 members who serve for a maximum of two three-year terms. One Commissioner (or County Manager as the designee for a Commissioner) from each county sits on the Board and serve as the Appointing Authority for the remaining members.
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Under the statute not more than 50% of the members of the Area Board shall represent the following: (1) a physician; (2) a clinical professional from the mental health, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse fields; (3) a family member or individual from a citizens organization composed primarily of consumers or their family members, representing the interests of individuals: a) with mental illness; b) in recovery from addiction; or c) with developmental disabilities; and (4) an openly declared consumer a) with mental illness; b) with developmental disabilities; or c) in recovery from addition (must have at least one). Other mandated positions include (1) two individuals with financial expertise; (2) an individual with business or management expertise; and (3) an individual who represents the interests of children.

Currently Serving

NameTitleTerm Expires
Ms. Melanie S Barbee Forsyth County - Chair 1/31/2014
Mr. Harold A Bass Rockingham Co - Ex-Officio
Mr. Perry T Carroll Stokes County 11/30/2013
Ms. Beth Dirks Davie County - Ex-officio
Dr. Sylvia A Flack Forsyth County 9/30/2014
Ms. Brenda K Gibson Forsyth County 11/30/2013
Mr. Patrick S Gillooly Forsyth County - Vice Chair 7/12/2013
Mr. Leon Inman Stokes County - Ex-officio
Mr. Larry Johnson Rockingham County 6/30/2015
Ms. Leanna Lawson Rockingham County 6/30/2015
Arzell Montgomery Stokes County 8/30/2014
Mr. Ron Norwood Rockingham County 6/30/2015
Mr. Mark Serosky Forsyth County 9/30/2012
Ms. Glenda Smith Davie County 8/30/2014
Ms. Jan Spencer Stokes County 2/28/2015
Ms. Betty Taylor Area Director
Mr. Bryan C Thompson Davie County 9/30/2012
Mr. Kevin Walsh Davie County 8/6/2015
Dr. Candace L Washington Forsyth County 9/30/2014
Ms. Gracie Woody Rec. Secretary


Board meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month except for no scheduled meeting in July and December. Board meetings are posted on the CenterPoint website.

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