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Forsyth County Home and Community Care Block Grant Advisory Council


The mission of the Advisory Council shall be to assure effective and efficient use of the Home and Community Care Block Grant through education, training, data and statistical review toward the development of a comprehensive and coordinated community based system of services, opportunities, and protections for adults aged 60+. Activities to be pursued by the Advisory Council in achieving the mission include:
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To advise the Board of County Commissioners for their decision-making process concerning the needs, funding for services, priorities, resources, long-range planning, and other issues, which affect services to the elderly through HCCBG.
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To monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery for service providers receiving Home and Community Care Block Grant funds and advising the Board of County Commissioners on recommended budget adjustments for these services through The County Funding Plan
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To promote partnerships with HCCBG funded agencies and groups, public and private, to further the aims of the Advisory Council in on-going or special projects in collaboration with the Forsyth County Aging Services Planning Committee (FCASPC)
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To communicate the Advisory Council activities to the FCASPC on a regular basis at regularly scheduled meetings.


Voting Members: The Advisory Council shall consist of no less than 9 and no more than 15 voting members who are residents of Forsyth County appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Recommendations for appointments may come from the Advisory Council, the FCASPC, the community, other volunteers, elected officials, or the Board of County Commissioners. Of the total membership at least one voting member shall be an informal caregiver. Also, voting members shall be individuals who are supportive of the mission of the Advisory Council and who possess qualities of leadership to assist the Advisory Council in achieving its mission. 51 % of voting membership shall be aged 60+. The membership shall also include service recipients. Voting membership will strive to include representation from each of the following areas: Housing. Mental Health, United Way, Developmental Disability Community, Faith Community, Adult Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Home Health Care, Hospitals / Medical Community, Law Enforcement, Funders, Other Agencies Serving Seniors.
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Non-Voting Members: Non-voting members shall be allowed to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Advisory Council. The Forsyth County Manager shall be an ex officio non-voting member of the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council shall also include as ex officio non-voting members, the following: 1 member representing the Board of County Commissioners, 1 member representing the Area Agency on Aging (AAA), 1 member representing each AAA funded provider, 1 member representing the FCASPC.

Currently Serving

Term Expires
Mr. Norman Adams  3/31/2017
Ms. Sheila D Bogan  3/31/2017
Ms. Francine Braun  3/31/2017
Ms. Adrienne Calhoun   
Mr. Isaac L Howard  3/31/2017
Mr. Robert P Lawrence  3/31/2017
Ms. Asheena E Love  3/31/2017
Ms. Helen M Mack  3/31/2017
Mr. Reginald D Reid  3/31/2017
Ms. Ashanti Robinson  3/31/2017
Ms. Cynthia D Rucker  3/31/2017
Dr. Charles H Swanson  3/31/2017
Dr. Althea Taylor-Jones  3/31/2017
Vacant 3   
Vacant 5   
Vacant 6   
Vacant 7   
Vacant 8   
Vacant 9   
Ms. Valerie Vizena  3/30/2015
Mr. Michael G Watson  3/31/2017


Regular Meetings: Regular meetings of the Advisory Council shall be held monthly with a minimum of ten (10) per year. A report of the FCASPC will be included during each regular meeting.

Other Information

Conflict of Interest: No member of the Advisory Council may vote on any matter regarding an agency receiving Home and Community Care Block Grant funds if the member, is currently, or has within the prior 12 months had any ownership, employment, fiduciary, contractual, creditor, or consultative relationship, or has served on any governing board or committee of the agency. However, the member is allowed to participate in discussion about funding recommendations not relating to the above relationships.
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Equal Opportunity: The membership shall be open to appointees without regard to age, race, sex, creed, religion, color, national origin or disability. All geographical regions of Forsyth County should be represented.
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Terms of Appointments: The Forsyth County Board of County Commissioners shall appoint voting members to serve two (2) year terms on the Advisory Council. A voting member is eligible to serve no more than five (5) terms.
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Vacancy: The inability, for whatever reason, of an appointed member to complete his/her term of service, shall be reported in writing to the Chairperson of the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council shall communicate the vacancy to the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners for the appointment of a replacement. A vacancy may be filled at any time by the Board of County Commissioners.
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Vote: Each voting member of the Advisory Council shall have one vote upon any motion before the Advisory Council. There shall be no proxy votes. In the discretion of the Advisory Council, if time does not allow for a face-to-face meeting, voting can be delivered and taken through email.
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Quorum: Fifty percent (50%) of the Advisory Council's voting members shall constitute a quorum. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members shall be required to recommend funding allocations.
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The Removal of Voting Committee Members: Voting members of the Advisory Council who are absent from three consecutive meetings without a good excuse, may be deemed to have resigned from the Advisory Council. At the conclusion of the third meeting from which the individual is absent, the committee may request that the County Commissioners fill the vacancy.
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Resolution establishing Committee adopted by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners on November 12, 2012
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Revised Bylaws adopted by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners on July 28, 2014.


District Map

District Map

District A
Everette Witherspoon - Term Expires: Dec. 2018
Walter Marshall - Term Expires: Dec. 2018
District B
Richard V. Linville - Term Expires: Dec. 2016
Don Martin - Term Expires: Dec. 2018
David R. Plyler - Term Expires: Dec. 2016
Gloria D. Whisenhunt - Term Expires: Dec. 2016
At Large
Ted Kaplin - Term Expires: Dec. 2018

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