The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office is committed to serving the citizens of Forsyth County, especially those citizens who are the victims of crime. There is certain information that you are entitled to receive by law if you are a crime victim. The following is to ensure that you receive that information.

You have the right to be informed of:

  • The availability of medical services, if needed.
  • Your potential eligibility to receive Victims Compensation (read more).
  • How to contact the District Attorney's Office (21st Judicial District), which will handle the prosecution of your case:
    Hall of Justice Building on Main Street
    P.O. Box 20083
    Winston-Salem, NC 27102
    (336) 779-6563
  • A way to contact us with questions concerning notification of arrest, information about the accused opportunity for pretrial release, and whether the accused has been released from custody.