• By Carolyn Price
  • Posted Thursday, May 12, 2016

Books We Like

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer. Sophie Anderson starts a summer vacation with her 2 children, renting a large guest cottage on Nantucket Island after her husband tells her he wants a divorce. Widowed Trevor Black arrives with his young son thinking he’s got a great deal for the summer until he realizes he’s rented the same cottage. They agree to share the house since it’s large and divides up the space and the chores. In a short period these 2 very different families find out they have many things in common and what “family” really means.

Predator by Wilbur Smith (and Tom Cain). This is Smith’s 3rd novel dealing with Hector Cross, but it’s the beginning of a new series “Crossbow Adventure”. Cross is an ex-SAS warrior, now in charge of security of a large international drilling company. A former foe escapes prison and is determined to kill Cross and any family and close friends he might have. There’s lots of tension, action, and adventure across the globe as he tries to save his daughter, his security team, and the company for whom he works.

The Good Dream by Donna Liere. Ivorie Walker is considered to be an old maid in this small Tennessee community in the early 1950’s. Both parents have died and for the first time in her life she is alone. Capturing a little wild boy stealing her tomatoes brings her lots of attention and gives her a whole new meaning to family and her life.

What We Find by Robyn Carr. I enjoy Carr’s books, especially her newer ones. And I really enjoy a well written romance every so often. Her newest book fits the bill. It is a “stand-alone”, meaning it’s not part of any of her series. Maggie Sullivan is a well respected neurosurgeon whose practice has just dissolved. She’s also in the middle of a wrongful death lawsuit. She’s tired, stressed out, and broke. Maggie decides to time to go home to daddy in the mountains of Colorado. He’s the owner and manager of a rural campground and general store that has passed through several generations of Sullivans. She meets Cal, a lone camper/hiker. He’s quiet, mysterious, and has been helping her dad on the side. They become friends, but are not sure just how ready they are to share their life stories. They are both searching for a sense of family, place, and peace as they use this gift of time to simplify their lives.

Too Many Cooks by Dana Bate. I’ve never really thought much about the life of a ghost writer--in this case, for cookbooks. Kelly Madigan has written quite a few, some for famous people, but none with her name as the author. She gets hired by a snooty movie star, Natasha Spencer, living in London. Kelly’s never had much of a chance to travel and thinks this just might be what she needs. However this actress never cooks and wants Kelly to come up with recipes that she “remembers” her mother making. Difficult only mildly describes her new boss. However the husband is another matter altogether. Some recipes are included.

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