SAM - Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is SAM?
ASAM is a new computer software application that improves everyone’s access to public-use computers in libraries.Top
QWhy did the Library purchase SAM?
ASAM is in response to community interest in fairer and more equitable computer access for all customers. It also provides a flexible, CIPA compliant filtering environment.Top
QWhat exactly does SAM do?
ASAM allocates individual session time and printer resources among all the customers who want to use Library computers.Top
QHow do I use a SAM computer?
ACustomers access the computer by entering a card number and PIN into the log-on screen. SAM authenticates that number by comparing it with the Library’s circulation database, and begins a time-limited session for the customer on that computer. Top
QDoes SAM keep track of what I do with a Library computer?
ANo. SAM does not keep track of where or what on the Internet an individual user does on the Library computers.Top
QDoes SAM help protect my privacy?
AYes, a primary purpose of SAM is to wipe clean all traces of each user from a Library computer after every session. In doing so, SAM prevents users from viewing anyone else’s work or Internet destinations (such as Bookmarks, History, etc).Top
QHow do I get started?
AYou will always need a valid Library card and PIN to use a computer. When you go to your Library, if there is a vacant computer showing a “Welcome” screen, you use it. If not, go to a Sign-Up Station and sign up, using your card number.

If you are not a Library cardholder, ask about a Computer Card (good for computer use only) or a 24-hour One Day Card at a public service desk. Top
QWhat if I don't have an FCPL Library card or don't know my PIN?
AGo to the Circulation Desk to get a Library card or to find out about your PIN. Out-of-town visitors should ask staff for a 24-hour One-Day Card for access to FCPL computers.Top
QWhat is it like when I use a computer?
AYou will know how much time you have been assigned. You will see boxes pop up. A Personal Session Manager will appear first. Click the Minimize box to move it to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Warning boxes will also pop up to tell you when your time is expiring. When your session is over, you will automatically be logged off, so you must complete printing and saving files before that time. Remember your three (3) hours per day systemwide time limit. If you finish early, log off before leaving.Top
QHow is printing done with SAM?
ASAM lets you see a list of all your print jobs prior to printing. If you think you may need to print anything, go the APM machine and add money to your account. You may leave money in your account for future printing. You get five (5) free pages per day. After the free printouts, prints cost 15 (fifteen) cents per page.Top