Elements For Summer Fun

Here are some fun print-outs to ​spark some summer fun. ​Did you know science happens in everyday things, like your food? Learn more with our Food Science Match Game. ​ ​Then get silly with our Fizz, Boom, Eat! fill-in-the-blank activity; what funny combination can you come up with? ​Explore the world around you with our mini Nature Hunt, print-out as many as you want and have fun! ​

This summer is ​all about the things you read and do sparking a reaction in your life .​ Science and Technology play an important role in your everyday life. Check out these sites to delve deeper in the fields of Science and Technology.​

What's the study of celestial bodies? What about the study of reptiles and amphibians? Can you name the first nine elements in the periodic table? How well do you know famous women scientists?