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Craft Mosaic Boxes Tuesday, August 6, 1 p.m. at Walkertown

Published by Walkertown Branch / July 17, 2019

Learn how to create your own personalized trinket box! You will make a decorative box with the Pique assiette method, also known as shard arts, which is a very popular folk art style of mosaics with the help of our guest-instructor Denise Warheit. Tuesday, August 6th, 1 pm. Please call (336) 703-2990 to register.


Free Yoga Classes at Walkertown Thursday, July 25, 3:30 p.m.

Published by Walkertown Branch / July 15, 2019

Come to a Free Yoga class at the Walkertown Branch Library. For all levels of fitness. Bring your exercise mat, a small blanket or a beach towel. No mat - no problem we have an extra one for you. The instructor is Lisa Kushner. Sponsored by the Town of Walkertown.


Summer Reading Events for Adults at Walkertown: Library Programs are Free

Published by Walkertown Branch / July 11, 2019

We have great adult programs at the Walkertown Branch Library. Come to the library and enjoy a knitting class, listen to a piano concert or a history lecture. Learn how to use your cell phone, digitize your old photos, create art, solve a crime, or try a yoga class. All events at the library are free.


Sign Up for Walkertown Branch Library Events Newsletter

Published by Walkertown Branch Library / July 10, 2019

There's always something interesting going on at the Library. Whether it's a storytime for kids, a program on local history, free Yoga or Art class, or a community event in the Walkertown area - learn about it from a library newsletter.


Qigong Bagua Class Tuesday, August 6 at Walkertown

Published by Walkertown Branch / July 9, 2019

Qigong Bagua class is offered at the Walkertown Branch Library the first Tuesday of each month. The instructor, Marti Lillich from the Golden Flower Tai Chi School, will help you learn this exercise and explain its health benefits. While Qigong helps you to relax, Bagua, which is based upon circles, will stimulate brain circulation and activity. The class is on Tuesday, August 6, 5:30 p.m. Call 336-703-2990 to register.


Lunch Time French Language Class at Walkertown

Published by Walkertown Branch / July 9, 2019

Learn to speak French with Evelyn Frye, an experienced language instructor. Students will also learn about French culture which will help prepare them to speak French with confidence. Free class for adults.

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