With the opening of our new Central Library, my first thoughts focused on how the building represented a new chapter in library service to Forsyth County. However, the more I walked through the new building and took in the sights and sounds of people marvelling at its stunning design, resources and services, the more I realized the “chapter” metaphor was all wrong. What the new Central Library represents is not a new chapter in library services but rather an entirely new book.

It’s not unimaginable to say the new Central Library has been a work-in-progress since the first Carnegie Library opened its doors to the public on February 14th, 1906. Just as the library is a place for learning, so have we learned over the last 111 years what goes into building a library that supports and fulfills the wants and needs of its community.

What we learned is that great libraries are built with two key ingredients. The first is a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and enact change when change is needed. The second is to protect and honor the core values and traditions that form the very foundation of our mission of service to you.

We never want to introduce change just for the sake of change. The question of “what value does the change offer you, our end users” is always examined and debated tirelessly. We will never forget the most important asset we hold is the trust and confidence you have placed in us to provide services and resources that enrich your life and that of Forsyth County.

These truly are exciting times at the library. Coming on the heels of the re-opening of Central is the start of the new Kernersville Branch Library whose groundbreaking was held in early September, and early in 2018 we are looking forward to the official groundbreaking of a new Branch Library in Clemmons. Both libraries are expected to take around a year or so to complete.In addition, our Southside and Reynolda Manor branches as well as our Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center will undergo significant improvements to their facilities that will make your library experience better than ever.

As we move forward you can rest assured that we will always look for opportunities to improve our buildings, our resources and the delivery of our services in the same professional, timely and meaningful way you have come to expect from us.

Thanks to your overwhelming support, public libraries are alive, well, and thriving like never before in Forsyth County. The faith you have placed in us is one we are honored to have. We are privileged to serve you now and in the future.

Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
Library Director