Find Out Who Collects Your Garbage

If you ever wondered who collects your garbage but did not know who to ask, there is a way that you can find out on the Forsyth County Website using GeoData Explorer, the interactive GIS tool.

If you’ve never used GeoData Explorer, here are the steps to find the Garbage Collection Information. You may want to print out these directions for better navigation.

Click the link above then click on the Launch GeoData Explorer link.

  • Click the Map Layers Tab.
  • Click the (+) beside Garbage Collection Service Heading.
  • Check the box beside the Layer.
  • Click the Refresh Map Button at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Click the identify button (i) on the toolbar.
  • Click an area of the map and the contact information for that collection area will be displayed.
  • Call the number listed for any information you need about your service.

Alternately, you can zoom into a parcel first by using the Parcel Search Tab, then perform the steps above.

If you have any questions about the Garbage Collection information or need further assistance, please call 703-3225 and select option 2.


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