Fathers & Friends

Who Fathers & Friends Serves

Guys who are expecting babies, boyfriends of pregnant women who might not be the baby's biological father, brother, and other relatives and friends who are involved with mother and/or children for the first five years of life.

What We Do

Provide interactive group sessions and up-to-date information to help men realize their important role to reduce infant mortality. The F&F program also serves as a valuable community resource to connect men with the services or agencies needed to get jobs, legal assistance and information, money management and family budgeting, improve communication (conflict resolution), provide emotional support, goal setting and much more.

Who Can Join the "Fathers & Friends" Team

Any MALE that is providing support to a pregnant or parenting female and is living in the Forsyth County area. Any MALE that is interested in exploring ways to become the best father that he can be.

Classes are FREE!!

Enroll in this “one-of-a-kind” program. Your partner and your baby will thank you!

Contact Information

Greg Young 703-3391


Mission Statement

The mission of the Forsyth County Department of Public Health is to prevent disease and promote a healthy community through regulation, education and partnerships.

Adopted by the Board of Health 10/2/13.

Accredited Health Department 2009-2013

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