After You Walk

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What are the benefits of a cool down?
Do not stop suddenly after vigorous exercise, as this can be very dangerous. Gradually bring the body back to its resting state by slowly decreasing the intensity of the activity. After running, for example, one should walk for one to two minutes. Stopping exercise suddenly can cause blood to pool in the muscles, thereby reducing blood flow to the heart and brain. This may cause fainting or abnormal rhythms in the heart which could lead to serious complications.

Your cool down should include the following:

Cool-down exercises following performance or practice

Below is a suggested cool-down routine

  2. TOUCH OPPOSITE SHOULDER and hold, keeping elbow up 5 reps each arm
  3. BEND NECK to the right then to the left hold each for 5 counts- 5 reps
  4. HANDS BEHIND HEAD, elbows out to the side 5 reps
  5. CLASP HANDS BEHIND HIPS and roll shoulders outward 5 reps
  6. MAKE A FIST and bend wrist downward 5 reps
  7. STRAIGHTEN FINGERS and straighten the wrist backwards 5 reps
  8. FINGERS SPREAD then relax 5 reps
  9. TOUCH TOES- Extend legs straight out in front and reach down to toes
  10. CURL UP- Bend down so chest touches knees, let arms dangle. Hold for a few seconds, then curl up slowly- one vertebrae at a time.

Breathing right is as important as exercising right. Always breathe in when relaxing muscles and breathe out when tightening muscles. Never hold your breath during exercise. Try to breathe in slowly through your nose while expanding your stomach. Then breathe out through your mouth. Time breathing in should match time breathing out.