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2/13/2016DogChiwahwah MWinston-SalemIn the trailer park beside the little red caboose restaurant View
2/12/2016Dogbrindle pit bull and tan mix (2 dogs)MPfafftownshady ridge lane View
2/11/2016DogPitbull mixMWinston-SalemFraternity Church Road View
2/11/2016DogChihuahua mixMWalkertownPinehall rd. View
2/11/2016DogMaltese mixed with Shih TzoMWinston-SalemDellabrook Rd. And New Walkertown Rd. View
2/11/2016DogMaltese mixed with shih tzo MWinston-SalemDellabrook Rd and New Walkertown Rd. View
2/10/2016DogGreat PyreneesFWinston-SalemUniversity Parkway, Polo Rd/ Wake Forest Area View
2/9/2016DogcockapooFWinston-SalemArbor Rd.-25th st. View
2/8/2016CatTabby / mixedMWinston-SalemKennersvile RD & Linville RD & Mostsinger dr View
2/7/2016DogChihuahua FWinston-SalemCorner of Indiana Ave and perimeter point View
2/6/2016DogBoston TerrierMPfafftownWedgewood- Long Creek Golf Club View
2/5/2016DogPitbullMWinston-SalemNew Greensboro Rd And Linville Rd View
2/5/2016DogBlue Heeler/ShepardFWinston-SalemCorner of Casa Vista & Rosann Drive View
2/2/2016DogShih TzuFKernersvilleLake Drive/Mountainview Rd View
2/1/2016CatDomestic Long HairMWinston-SalemLorraine Drive View
2/1/2016CatOrange long-haired tabby catMOther-Please list belowHigh Point View
1/30/2016DogGerman ShepherdMKernersvilleWest mountain street & skate world View
1/30/2016DogGerman ShepherdFKernersvilleWest Mountain Street & Skate World View
1/28/2016DogBoxer/ Blue healerFClemmonsHampton Rd/ Fribridge Road View
1/28/2016DogJack Russell TerrietMWinston-SalemFriedland Church Rd./High Point Rd./Ridgewood Rd. View
1/27/2016CatSiameseFWinston-SalemWest Kent Rd View
1/24/2016DogMix MWinston-SalemHillcrest town center View
1/23/2016DogBoston terrierMWinston-SalemCountry club rd View
1/22/2016DogHuskeyFWalkertownCain forest drive View
1/22/2016Catdomestic short hairMWinston-SalemPeacehaven & McGregor View
1/21/2016Cat MWinston-SalemBurkemill Kimel Drive View
1/19/2016CatRagdollFWinston-SalemGriffith Park townhomes View
1/19/2016DogSchnauzerFWinston-SalemYarborough and shalom ? View
1/14/2016OtherHahns macawMKernersvilleWillow Bend Dr and West Mountain St View
1/14/2016DogBrittney SpanielMWinston-SalemMorningside Southside Argonne Blvd and Belleauwood. View
1/14/2016DogpomchiMWinston-SalemAlden Lane/ mc gregor st View
1/12/2016DogBeagle mixFKernersvilleSedge garden rd View
1/11/2016DogChihuahua MWinston-SalemCorner Of E Clemmonsville Rd & Sprague St View
1/9/2016CatDshFLewisvilleDalton rd View
1/8/2016Cat FClemmonsFrye Bridge and Cooper Road View
12/26/2015DogLab MixFKingWest King St. View
12/18/2015CatDSHFWinston-SalemHanestowne Townley Street View
12/14/2015CatdomesticMKernersvillepecan ridge neighborhood View
11/5/2015Catdomestic SHMKernersvilleW. Mountain St View
2/12/2015DogSamoyedFPfafftownVienna Dozier, betw. Skylark and Seward View
2/8/2015Cat MKernersvilleHigh Point Rd and Serenity Pointe DR View
1/26/2015DogPekgineseMWinston-SalemLansing Dr-Carver Rd-Old Walkertown Rd View