• By Grace May
  • Posted Monday, February 1, 2021

Black History Hunt

Would you like to learn more about Black history in Forsyth County? We've got you covered. At Forsyth County Public Library, we've prepared a handout. It will covers some of the African American history that Forsyth County has to offer. All locations will have historic markers placed by the City of Winston-Salem's Historic Marker Program.

Black History Hunt handouts

The handouts are located in the North Carolina Collection of Central Library (660 W 5th St). The North Carolina Collection is on the second floor the library. There you will also find a small display showing you other historic markers around Forsyth County that aren't included on the history hunt (just for lack of room). You might be surprised at how many locations there are! Check out all the historic markers that city has designated here.

Small display of other Black historic markers around the county

Grab a handout (digitally linked below or come by the library) and get out there to learn about Black history in Forsyth County! This display and handouts will be around all month long.

(Photographs courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection)

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