About SAM

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The Forsyth County Public Library offers free access to computers and the Internet at all Library locations. Because computers are so popular, FCPL has installed software known as "SAM" (Smart Access Manager™) that allows all computer users equal access time at each location.

Using your Library card number and PIN (Personal Identification Number), SAM keeps track of the amount of time each user is on the computer, and limits users to three (3) total hours of use per day systemwide.

SAM Manages Printing

Customers also use SAM to pay for computer printouts. SAM Print Manager shows current balance and details.

  • All users are allowed ten (10) free printed pages per day.
  • After the free printouts, a charge of fifteen (15) cents per page is applied.
  • Customers use the Account Payment Machine (APM) to add money to their accounts.

Access SAM with Library Cards

Computer users must have a Library card with full borrowing privileges or a Computer Card (good for computer use only). Go to the Circulation Desk if you do not have a Library card or if you do not know your PIN.

Out-of-town visitors should see Library staff for a 24-hour One-Day Card for access to FCPL computers.

SAM Guidelines

The Forsyth County Public Library has an Internet Use Agreement and Computer Rules that all users must agree to abide by in order to use the computers. All computer sessions are 1 hour in length, except for the Central Library research computers, which are 2 hours.

SAM Manages Filtering

The Library provides Internet access to all valid cardholders including children. Because Forsyth County Public Library receives federal funding for public Internet access, the Children’s Internet Protection Act requires the Library to block certain visual images on every PC. Four levels of filtering are available at most Internet stations.

Users 17 and over are free to choose the filtering level which best serves their purposes, and can do so while using an FCPL computer or by using the Filtering Options Form.

The Library automatically assigns the most restricted level of Internet access to all children and young people (under 17). A parent or legal guardian may elect to choose a less restricted level of filtering for his/her child using the Filtering Options Form. The form must be signed and a new form signed each time a minor’s level is changed. All customers, including young people, must use their own cards.

Computers in designated children’s areas, for ages 13 and younger, will have the most restricted level of filtering regardless of the level assigned to user’s cards.

NOTE: Filters are not perfect and should not be relied upon to be totally effective.