Message from the Tax Assessor/Collector

We are pleased to offer the convenience of using credit cards and electronic-check (e-check) as an alternative for paying property taxes. Unfortunately each transaction has associated costs that must be paid. There is no provision under North Carolina law that allows a local government to extract the cost of this service directly from the property tax payment. After reviewing several alternatives, the most sensible approach to the payment of our costs is to have the users of the service pay a convenience fee.

We have contracted with Forte Payment Systems to provide this service for our citizens. Forte Payment Systems provides this service for other local governments in North Carolina and operates in compliance with applicable North Carolina Law.

It is certainly not our desire to increase the cost of paying taxes. If you find the convenience fee to be unacceptable, you may still mail your payment or pay in person during our normal hours of operation.

John Burgiss, RES
Tax Assessor/Collector