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The If Only Program is a gift fulfillment program for older adults with limited financial means. This resource was made available to the community using a generous gift from Mr. O. Moser, a former resident of Forsyth County. Working with businesses in Forsyth County this program is managed through the Adult Services Division of the Department of Social Services.

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If Only Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the If Only Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 60 years of age
  • Be a resident of Forsyth County and US citizen or legal immigrant
  • Have a disabling and life-threatening condition
  • Demonstrated need due to limited financial resources
  • Have the physical and cognitive ability to participate in the requested activity
  • Be fully aware of the request and able to identify an individual who is able to accompany them, if needed
  • Submit a completed application packet

If Only Restrictions

The following requests cannot be granted:

  • Cash
  • Monetary value over $2,000
  • Automobile or RV rentals
  • Purchase of property
  • Travel outside the USA or cruises
  • Medical, dental or psychiatric care
  • Surprise requests for someone else

How to apply to the If Only Program

  1. Application packets can be received at the Forsyth County Department of Social Services or are available online at our application page
  2. The If Only Application Packet contains (a) an application, (b) a media consent authorization, and (c) a letter template. All sections/pages of the application must be completed for the applicant to be considered for program eligibility
  3. The application packet may be completed electronically and submitted via email to
  4. If preferred, applicants can submit the application via mail sent to:
    If Only Program
    Adult Services Division
    741 Highland Avenue
    Winston Salem, NC 27101

    Or the application may be delivered to the address above, requesting to submit an If Only Application Packet.
Note: If Only packets will be reviewed and the applicant and/or contact will be notified if additional information is needed and/or once eligibility has been determined.

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