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Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission


The Forsyth County Historic Resource Commission (HRC) is a twelve-member citizen board created in 2002 and appointed jointly by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, the City of Winston-Salem Council, the Kernersville Board of Aldermen, and the Village of Clemmons Council. The Commission's role is to protect and enrich the County's cultural, historical, architectural, and archaeological heritage through the identification, designation, and preservation of historic resources. In addition to administering local historic districts and landmarks, the HRC is involved in various activities relating to historic resources throughout the County, such as architectural inventories, historic markers, and National Register nominations. The Commission is served by the professional planning staff of the City-County Planning Board.

Members and Non-Voting Staff Person(s)

The twelve member HRC consists of five appointed representatives from Forsyth County, five from the City of Winston-Salem, one from the Town of Kernersville, and one from the Village of Clemmons. Each newly appointed member serves for a term of four years, and is eligible for re-appointment. Members are sought positions that specify various types of expertise, including architecture, design, planning, surveying, history, ownership of property in historic districts or landmarks, and at-large citizens.

Currently Serving

NameTitleTerm Expires
Ms. Donna J Abernethy 11/30/2017
Mr. Jeff B Allen 11/30/2019
Mr. James A Davis II 12/30/2018
Mr. Chad L Gadberry 6/30/2019
Mr. David H Hauser 10/30/2018
Ms. Michelle McCullough Staff
Ms. Kristen L McManus 6/30/2017
Ms. Langdon E Oppermann 6/30/2018
Mr. Kevin G Owen 11/30/2017
Mr. Michael S Ryden Chairman 11/30/2019
Ms. Janet J Shill 11/30/2020
Ms. Tina M Thacker 6/30/2019
Mr. Douglas Williams 6/30/2020


The Commission meets the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Public Meeting Room, Fifth Floor, City Hall South, 100 East First Street, Winston-Salem.

Other Information

More information on the HRC and its activities is available on the
City/County Planning website, under Boards and Commissions.

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