The Office of the Sheriff is fortunate to have a full-time Chaplain to assist victims of violent crime and other traumatic events in the community. The Chaplain also provides confidential support, crisis intervention and referral resources to staff and their families. The Chaplain’s work is challenging and highly mobile as he often responds to the scene of the crisis, homes, workplaces, and hospitals on a 24-hour basis.

The current program also trains a Clergy Response Team, an ecumenical group of clergy volunteers, who help provide on-call assistance to state and local law enforcement by providing professional and competent care to bereaved families and emergency responders in the aftermath of tragedy.

Some of the services offered by the Chaplain include:

  • Notifying and providing care for staff families in the event of sudden death due to accidents, suicide or homicide
  • Providing counseling and referrals for victims and victim's families
  • Assisting citizens and staff in coping with critical incidents
  • Hospital visitation and pastoral care for staff and immediate family members
  • Serving as liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and local faith communities
  • Providing education to advance the agency's wellness program to promote resiliency and organizational health
  • Training and workshops for professional and volunteer groups
  • Networking with other crisis responders and caregivers in the aftermath of local and regional disasters and critical incidents
  • Assisting other organizations and law enforcement agencies on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office in times of crisis and tragedy

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Contact Jail and Prison Ministry Chaplain for all inmate-related concerns.

Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries
P.O. Box 11802
Winston-Salem, NC 27116
Fax: 336-759-0554

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