The Friends of the Central Library seek to support and improve the resources and services of the Central Library of the Forsyth County Public Library. Friends of the Central Library is a non-profit 501 (c)3 corporation. The Friends of the Central Library, established in 2006, currently has more than 100 members. The Friends support the Central Library through:

  • Financial support gained through membership and general fund raising
  • Member volunteers who wish to contribute their time, energy and ideas in assisting the Library with projects and programs
  • Community advocacy achieved through activities that emphasize the importance of the resources provided by the public library

Vision of the Friends of the Central Library

The Central Library will be a state-of-the-art cultural, informational and research destination for Forsyth County’s residents and visitors. Its well-informed staff, comprehensive resources and attractive public spaces will be essential elements of a vibrant downtown Winston-Salem.

Friends activities include:

  • Organizing cultural and educational events for all ages
  • Purchasing books and other materials to supplement regular government funding
  • Sponsoring authors and performers at the Library
  • Developing and overseeing fund raisers and membership drives
  • Coordinating volunteer assistance with service projects
  • Raising the visibility of the Central Library in the community
  • Providing funding for children’s programming
  • Holding two book sales per year
  • Sponsoring teen programs
  • Meeting featured authors and speakers

To learn more about the Friends of the Central Library

Friends of the Central Library Board

  • Claudia von Grunebaum, President
  • Mary Caponera, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Jeremy Reiskind, Secretary
  • Ben Flynt, Public Relations
  • April Penn Muse, Newsletter
  • Current membership: over 100

Donations of books and other library materials accepted most Mondays at at Central Library, located at 660 W Fifth Street in Winston-Salem. Donations accepted between the hours of 9 am and 11:30 am. For more information call 336 327-7888.

Upcoming Classes and Dates