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GeoData Explorer Data Display

Posted on 3/24/2008 by Angela Pearman

GeoData Explorer Data Display

The default map display in the Geo-Data Explorer now utilizes PINs. If you prefer to see the Block/Lot rather than PINs, go to the Map Layers tab and activate the Block/Lot layer. You may also turn off the PIN layer if you prefer.

The PIN will utilize the following format: XXXX – XX – XXXX . XX. This format can be referred to as a four character Map Number, a two character Block number, followed by a four character Parcel number. The last two characters are reserved for additional identifiers for more unusual situations such as high-density condominiums.

The Block/Lot parcel identification system utilized by Forsyth County Tax Administration has served the County well for a very long time. While a great system in its day, the Block/Lot system has become obsolete with the development of automated geographic information systems. Many of the services provided by local governments are specific to a geographic location – the most prominent of such services is the dispatch of emergency services. Lives depend upon our ability to respond quickly and accurately in an emergency. Block/Lot parcel identifiers cannot assist in these matters.

Forsyth County Tax Administration has been utilizing geo-coded parcel identification numbers (PINs) as a secondary identifier for several years. With the launching of our new Tax.Net office software, it is an appropriate time to begin the retirement of the Block/Lot system. We will still assign Block and Lot numbers for an indefinite period into the future, but at some point this practice will cease.

Users are encouraged to begin the transition away from the Block/Lot system. Having both identifiers available should assist in the process. But there is a cost associated with maintaining two parcel identifiers, so at some point the Block/Lot will not longer be maintained.