Many elderly and disabled adults can not remain in their own homes without some help with light housekeeping tasks. They often face unnecessary institutionalization when a relative or friend is not available to help. We offer an alternative - the In-Home Aide Services Program. Through this program, paraprofessionals known as In-Home Aides are employed by Forsyth County Department of Social Services. In-Home Aide Services assists adults with essential home management tasks to enable adults to remain and function effectively in their homes for as long as possible. The services are not to replace the family in carrying out their responsibilities to adults needing care and support.

Who Can Participate?

Elderly and disabled adults who meet the criteria for the target population may be eligible for In-Home Aide Services. The target population consists of adults who are unable to carry out tasks essential to the instrumental activities of daily living and who do not have a responsible person available to perform these tasks and who need the service in order to remain in their homes.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) include meal preparation, cleaning, money management, phone use, laundering, reading, writing, shopping and going to necessary activities, and observation, recording and reporting of self-administered medications.

When Can I Receive The Service?

The provision of In-Home Aide Service is subject to availability and adults are placed on a Waiting List until services can be provided.

What Is The Cost?

All adults determined eligible to receive In-Home Aide Services may participate in voluntary consumer contributions. Adults unable to donate to consumer contributions will not be denied or terminated.

What Does In-Home Aide Services Accomplish?

Without In-Home Aide Services, many adults would be placed in long-term care facilities. Through the program, clients are able to remain independent in familiar and meaningful surroundings and eliminate costly institutional care.

For More Information

Contact Forsyth County Department of Social Services’ Adult Intake at (336) 703-3501. Social Workers will assess the needs of every adult requesting this service and make appropriate referrals within the agency and to community agencies when appropriate.

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