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Our Human Resources department provides quality, professional services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce. As a strategic partner, we provide comprehensive HR services along with guidance in the development, implementation and equitable administration of policies and procedures, thus fostering a positive work environment. Our values of continuous improvement, team work and achieving results are woven into every aspect of human resources management.

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Our Employee Statistics - REPORTED IN FEBURARY 2022

At a Glance

Number of County Employees

Average Years of Services

Average Age of Employees

Employees Recieving Longevity Pay

Leadership Positions

2020 Employee Survey

What Our Employees are Saying

  • Organizational Culture

    75% felt their immediate supervisor demonstrates the county’s Guiding WeCare Principles

  • WeCare Principles

    71% felt that their performance contributions are recognized by their supervisor

  • Longevity

    85% reported that they appreciate the county’s Longevity Pay

  • Wellness

    81% reported that they appreciate the county’s Wellness Program

  • 401(k)

    95% reported that they appreciate the county’s contribution to their 401K benefit

County Services

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Human Resources Department

  • We are located on the second floor
    of the Forsyth County Government Center.
  • 201 North Chestnut Street
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101
  • Phone: 336 703 2400
  • Fax: 336 727 2193
  • Email: Contact Us