Forsyth County uses a classification system which groups positions into broad classes based on the similarity of duties and responsibilities, and the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do the work. The pay plan is based on market rates with a focus on external competitiveness and internal equity. The objectives of the classification system and pay plan are to:

  • Provide a classification system based on industry accepted job evaluation and analysis methods.
  • Establish and maintain competitive market rates by conducting an annual salary survey.
  • Provide compensation rewards based on performance.
  • Monitor internal equity and equal pay for equal work.

Compensation Philosophy

The County’s compensation philosophy is to pay employees competitively in relationship to the market rate for their job class and in conjunction with internal equity. Competitive pay for fully-qualified employees is defined as salaries that are 80% to130% of the market rate. The County’s compensation philosophy supports county government’s purpose to provide certain necessary and important services to the citizens of Forsyth County. A market based pay plan focuses on fiscal efficiency and accountability to taxpayers while also offering competitive salaries to employees in comparison to our identified labor market.

Hiring New Employees

The hiring process will be based on open competition to ensure all receive equal opportunity. Most fully qualified applicants will be hired at 80% of the market rate unless there are extraordinary circumstances that warrant hiring above the recommended hiring percentage. Trainees will be hired 70% to 79% of the market rate.

Pay for Performance

The County’s annual budget will usually allocate money for pay for performance increases. When money is allocated, full-time employees and part-time employees with benefits who meet or exceed standards will be eligible for annual pay for performance increases, normally effective the beginning of the pay period that includes the appraisal date. Pay for performance increases are directly tied to the overall performance appraisal rating and are awarded as a percentage of the Market Rate. For salaries that are less than 130% of the Market Rate, pay for performance increases are added to base pay. For salaries that are over 130% of the Market Rate performance increases are paid in a lump sum.

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