Term Expires
Mr. Alvin Atkinson  6/30/2015
Ms. LaQreshia A Bates  6/30/2015
Ms. Sandra M Cheeks  6/30/2015
Mr. Stan Clarkson   
Ms. Ashlee J Dance  6/30/2015
Mr. Milind K Dongre  3/30/2015
Mr. Marlon Hunter   
Hon. Laurie L Hutchins   
Mr. Jeffrey F Hutchins  11/30/2014
Ms. Linda Jackson-Barnes  6/30/2015
Ms. Jaime E Ledbetter  6/30/2015
Mr. Walter Marshall  6/30/2015
Mr. Kim C Minor  9/30/2015
Ms. Kimberly D Nesbitt   
Ms. Marilyn T Odom  6/30/2015
Mr. Alfred C Renna  6/30/2013
Chief Barry D Rountree  6/30/2015
Mr. Damon L Sanders-Pratt   
Mr. Jeremiah E Shipp  6/30/2014
Mr. Mike Silver   
Dr. Ken Simington   
Ms. D'Quirrah B Simon  6/30/2015
Ms. Sharon D Singletary  6/30/2015
Mr. Rich Smith Staff 
Chief Dpty Brad Stanley  6/30/2015
Mr. Christopher Stewart  6/30/2015
Ms. Betty Taylor   

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