Forsyth County JCPC Chairman 2020-2021:
Stan Clarkson, Chief Court Counselor, NC Department of Public Safety

Forsyth County JCPC Vice Chair 2020-2021:
Dr. Tia J Warren, Ph.D, Public Safety/Criminal Justice

Name Title Term Expires
Ms. LaTrenda Boyd-Gordon County Commissioner Appointee 6/30/2021
Mr. Ryan J Bravo 6/30/2021
Mr. Keith B Brown County Commissioner Appointee 6/30/2021
Ms. Kimberly Busse Staff
Mr. Stan Clarkson Chief Court Counselor or Designee 6/30/2022
Ms. Nerrissa N Crawford Under Age 18, State Youth Council 6/30/2021
Mr. Fleming El-Amin County Commissioner 6/30/2022
Mr. J. Patrick Ellington District Attorney or Designee 6/30/2022
Hon. Denise Hartsfield 6/30/2022
Mr. Al-Wadood Salam Jabbar County Commissioner Appointee 6/30/2021
Mr. Clifford A Jones Jr Member of Faith Community 6/30/2021
Ms. Elisa M Lark County Commissioner Appointee 6/30/2021
Mr. Kelly S Lee Juvenile Defense Attorney 6/30/2022
Phoua Martin 6/30/2021
Mr. Jack S Monell County Commissioner Appointee 6/30/2021
Mr. David Moore United Way Representative 6/30/2021
Ms. Marilyn T Odom County Commissioner Appointee 6/30/2021
Jesse J Pratt 6/30/2022
Ms. Shontell Robinson County Manager or Designee 6/30/2022
Ms. Sarah Schaller Area Mental Health Director or Designee 6/30/2022
Mr. Rich Smith Staff
Mr. F. Brad Stanley Sheriff or Designee 6/30/2022
Mr Joshua R Swift 6/30/2022
Mr. John T Thacker DSS Director or Designee 6/30/2022
Dr. Tia J Warren Member of Business Community 6/30/2021
Mr. Peter T Watkins Chief of Police or Designee 6/30/2022

For information on how to apply for the Forsyth County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC), or for the list of monthly appointments to County appointed boards, please click here.