Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback regarding a potential Belews Lake park site over the past several months. We appreciate the thoughtful comments and information you shared. Public engagement in this process is important, and your input has been shared with the Forsyth County Commissioners. Forsyth County believes it is necessary to provide a vehicle for you to stay informed as deliberations or actions occur. This website is where all future updates on the potential Belews Lake park site will be posted.

Moving forward with the project will require the Forsyth County Commissioners to take actions related to the potential funding of the project and possible purchase of the property.

Update: 5/16/2019

  1. The due diligence process with Duke Energy for the potential Belews Lake park site will continue over the next year.
    The due diligence period allows the County to inspect the property and evaluate its potential uses prior to a decision to purchase or not.
  2. Site analysis on the proposed parcel will occur over the next several months.
    Site analysis is the examination of the property to develop an understanding of all geographical, environmental, legal, and potential challenges of the site.
  3. Site planning for the proposed parcel will continue over the next several months.
    Potential uses, amenities, and facilities will continue to be researched and evaluated.
  4. Grant funding options are being explored should the property be purchased.
    Should the County decide to move forward with the purchase of the property, Forsyth County Parks and Recreation staff will be seeking grant funding from the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund and the Clean Water Management Trust.
  5. Traffic patterns and other impacts noted in the public input are being considered.
    Alternative traffic patterns, stormwater solutions, and so forth will be part of the site evaluation.

Thank you for your continued participation in this process. For questions or comments, please contact Mike Anderson, Parks and Recreation Director, at 336.703.2500 or