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The Preventive Dental Health Program located at the Forsyth County Department of Public Health provides non-clinical, preventive dental health services including, but not limited to, oral health assessments and referral for children within Forsyth County.

Preventive Dental Health Program

  • Program Mission:
    • To promote conditions in which all Forsyth County residents can achieve oral health as part of overall health - working towards eliminating disparities in oral health.
  • Program Objectives:
    • Reduce oral diseases through prevention, education, and health promotion
    • Monitor the public's oral health
    • Promote access to dental care
    • Provide professional education and consultations
  • Target Population:
    • Children
    • Adults who influence the health of children
    • Healthcare Providers

In 1974, Forsyth County Department of Public Health began providing non-clinical, community based, preventive dental health services for the residents of Forsyth County to address the dental needs of children. The Preventive Dental Health Program primarily serves elementary school children. However, limited services are also provided for preschoolers, middle and high school students. Emphasis is placed on education and prevention of dental disease before it occurs. The involvement of parents, childcare providers, teachers and other agencies that influence the wellbeing of children has been essential to the success of the program.

Three registered dental hygienists work with elementary schools in Forsyth County to conduct oral health assessments and consultations resulting in early identification of existing problems. The hygienists check students teeth in their school and refer those in need to a dentist for treatment. The hygienists provide consultations, education and support for parents seeking dental resources. All program services are by appointment and free to the public. To speak to a member of the Preventive Dental Health Program for more information or to schedule a program event, please call (336) 703-3204.

The Preventive Dental Health Program Can:

  • Check children’s teeth; determine if they have a healthy mouth.
  • Refer children with dental problems to a licensed dentist in our community.
  • Counsel parents and help them find a dentist for their family’s regular dental care.
  • Provide Dental Health Education for children.
  • Present Dental Health Education and training for childcare providers.
  • Provide Dental Health Education for parents and expectant parents.
  • Provide dental health resources throughout the community and partner with various programs and agencies that serve children and their parents.

Contact us for more information: 336-703-3204