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Books We Like: Holiday Bliss

Published 11/23/2020 by Brittney Barbour

Books We Like: Holiday Bliss

There are a few things in this world that I can count on to bring me comfort no matter what, and I think after the year we’ve all had (2020, am I right?) we all need some comfort right about now. At the very top of that list is Christmas. Yes, I am that Christmas aficionado. I’m talking cheesy Hallmark movies, candy canes in my hot cocoa, and the ugly sweater wearing aficionado. I love it all the lights, the sounds, the smells, the stories. Heck, I love Christmas so much that I even named my son after the jolly old elf himself. Since I know not everyone shares my love of Christmas, this list is not Christmas exclusive but rather a holiday spread for everyone to enjoy. So grab your favorite festive drink, snuggle round with your loved ones, and enjoy one of these seasonal stories guaranteed to bring you tidings of comfort and joy.

All of these titles are available through Forsyth County Public Library, NC Cardinal, or Libby. Be sure to check out a copy or place your hold today!

“A Wild Winter Swan” by Gregory Maguire
Maguire, who may be best known for reimagining the world of Oz in his popular, "Wicked” series, has now reimagined the classic fairytale, “The Wild Swans”. Set in 1960’s New York, “A Wild Winter Swan”, is a poignant coming of age story that beautifully illustrates the journey we all take into adulthood.

After losing her brother and watching her mother succumb to a mental breakdown, Laura moves in with her grandparents who live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After a tragic set of misunderstandings, Laura is expelled from her high school and her old-world strict grandparents prepare her for boarding school in Montreal after the new year. Unhinged by the upheaval in her life, and compounded by grief and loneliness, Laura begins to lose her handle on reality. One day she finds a handsome swan boy on her roof. Since he has only one wing, Laura takes it upon herself to build him a wing so he can fly back home, which is a task much too difficult for Laura alone.

Maguire spins a tale full of family, heartbreak, and yearning, and reminds us that we all want to be saved by a power greater than ourselves.

“Christmas at the Island Hotel” by Jenny Colgan
Set on the remote Scottish island of Mure, “Christmas at the Island Hotel”, is a delightful look at what makes the holiday season special.

When siblings, Flora and Fintan, begin the dauting task of readying the new hotel, they enlist help from an unlikely set of friends. Isla, a hardworking young lady, who has dreams bigger than her tiny island home can support, and Konstantin, the dashing kitchen staffer who is secretly a duke.

Before the grand opening gala, more than one small town secret will be spilled. Full of humor, romance, and a bit of mystery, “Christmas at the Island Hotel” will inspire you and restore your faith in humanity.

“Dear Santa” by Nancy Naigle
If you love novels set in our dear Old North State, then this is one heartwarming Christmas tale you’ll want to pick up.

Angela, a third generation owner of their family-run Christmas store, wants nothing more than to continue her family tradition. Their business, The Heart of Christmas, is set in an abandoned lighthouse on the North Carolina coast where it has weathered tourist and hurricanes alike for nearly 60 years.

When a national retail chain moves into town, it may just prove to be more than The Heart of Christmas can handle. Angela is prompted by her niece to ask Santa for help in saving her store.

Geoff, who owns the big box store set to take over Angela’s quaint store, steps in to answer the “Dear Santa” letters in his ailing mother’s place.

Will Geoff reveal himself as Santa to Angela before Christmas? Will Angela see past their (very) public feud or will her tunnel vision get in the way of true love? “Dear Santa” proves that the magic of Christmas is everywhere if you just look for it.

“Jingle All the Way” by Debbie Macomber
Everly Lancaster is a top real estate executive, but like many bigwigs, her work is all consuming. In an effort to decrease her stress, Everly’s boss insists that she take the entire month of December off. After some convincing from her mother, Everly reluctantly agrees.

When her bitter assistant books a tour of the Amazon instead of a luxury beach stay, Everly braces for the worst vacation of her life. Once in the jungle she meets, Asher Adams, the endearing tour guide who convinces Everly that this trip will be one for the books.

Can Everly and Asher make their budding romance work with their differing lifestyles or is this just a fleeting Christmas romance?

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