C. G. Hill Memorial Park has a rich history behind it. The property was originally owned by a third generation American named John Jacob Schaub, one of the early Moravian settlers. He built his family's home on the site in 1830 and lived there until his death seven years later. Mr. Schaub's descendants sold the property to Mr. Charles G. Hill in 1951.

The Hill family donated 13 acres to the City of Winston-Salem and the County of Forsyth in 1971 for use as a public park. The Schaub House and certain parcels of surrounding land were sold for renovation in early 1983. The dwelling has since been restored and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The park used its portion of the funds generated from the sale to develop the park which opened May 30, 1985, and was named after its benefactor. Some additional funds from Mrs. Hill have been received by the County to continue development.

In the meantime, the County has bought additional adjoining land from the City of Winston-Salem to grow this park to 185 acres in size. An asphalt trail system was enlarged into the area for walkers and bicycle riders.

C.G. Hill Memorial Park has a rich history and its visitors continue to enjoy all its activities and the legacy behind the park.