May Sworn Staff Members of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Monday, July 1, 2013

On May 21, Corporal Bracken to a shooting in progress call on Lewisville-Vienna Rd. Upon arrival to the scene, the suspect was taken into custody and Corporal Bracken located the victim of the shooting suffering from a life threatening injury consisting of a puncture to the victim's femoral artery. Corporal Bracken immediately provided life saving aid to the victim by applying direct pressure to the wound until he was relieved by EMS personnel. The victim's wound required extensive and prolonged surgery to repair the damage that had been caused.

Corporal Bracken's actions afforded the victim a chance for survival. Corporal Bracken's response to this life threatening situation was professional and rapid, saving the life of the victim.

On May 12, Deputy Hancock responded to a reported suicide attempt. Deputy Hancock arrived within one minute of the call. He proceeded to the basement of the home and looked in the window of a running vehicle observing a female sitting in the seat. At that time he knocked on the door and the female opened the door. Deputy Hancock immediately felt heat radiating from the vehicle and noticed her skin was cherry red from exposure carbon monoxide. The female attempted to close the door and told him to go away. As she tried to shut the door Deputy Hancock grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the vehicle.

Lewisville Fire and EMS arrived to render aid. EMS advised that her carbon monoxide level was at a 27 after thirty minutes of her being out of the residence. A lethal dose is approximately 40. Deputy Hancock’s quick response and thinking indeed saved her life.

Congratulations Corporal Bracken and Deputy Hancock!