February Civilian Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Mrs. M. Wright is the Quartermaster within the Fleet/Procurement Unit. Mrs. Wright goes above and beyond to perform her daily duties to ensure each staff member in every division has the resources and materials needed to serve our community. She always treats staff members in a professional manner and drops what she is doing to assist others with what they need. One of the unique attributes Mrs. Wright brings to the table is her extensive knowledge of multiple divisions within the agency and the needs of each one. This knowledge is attributed to Mrs. Wright’s countless hours educating herself about the various equipment used by staff members at the detention center and deputies at the Sheriff’s office. Having no previous law enforcement background, she took the initiative to learn the information to serve our agency to the best of her ability. Mrs. Wright not only educates herself but also uses her knowledge to research and invest in other types of equipment that may better suit the members of our agency. A recent example of Mrs. Wright’s exceptional performance is demonstrated through the recent onboarding of multiple new hires. With a quick turnaround, Mrs. Wright scheduled and equipped multiple new employees with minimal impact to other areas within the agency. Mrs. Wright’s exceptional work ethic, positive attitude, and dedicated service to the members of this agency are why Mrs. Wright was selected as Civilian Staff Member of the Month for February 2022.