October Enforcement Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Monday, November 27, 2023
On October 17, 2023, Deputy D. Butcher was dispatched to a call for a Missing Person. The details stated that a female had failed to return home from visiting a male friend in Charlotte. She was supposed to return home on October 16th. Her cell phone was turned off so the family was unable to make contact with her. It was also determined an unknown caller from a blocked number called her employer stating that she had been in a wreck and would not be at work on October 17th. The caller hung up before anyone could obtain their information. Due to a language barrier and lack of information with her parents, Deputy Butcher spent several hours talking with other family members trying to obtain as much information about the female and her friend in Charlotte. Through these exhaustive interviews, he was able to narrow down an apartment complex in Charlotte where the friend possibly lived as well as the biographical and vehicle information for this person. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) was requested to check the apartment complex in an attempt to locate the female. Deputy Butcher also requested that the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and CMPD check their respective areas for any recent accidents involving the vehicle the female was reported to be driving. Deputy Butcher also requested a “Ping” be conducted on her cell phone in an attempt to find her last location prior to the phone powering down. The “Ping” identified York County, South Carolina as being the last location of the phone. A review of Flock cameras by Deputy Hatcher found that the vehicle license plate was captured on Highway 160 in Fort Mills, South Carolina. The family of the female did not know why the vehicle or her phone would have been in South Carolina. Deputy Butcher attempted to contact her boyfriend several times without success but he eventually called Deputy Butcher back. The boyfriend was able to tell Deputy Butcher that the female had been arrested by the South Carolina Highway Patrol for DWI but he was unaware which detention facility she had been taken to. Deputy Butcher was able to determine the female was incarcerated in York County, SC for DWI and that she was healthy and uninjured. Although the female was incarcerated, she had been located and found to be in no danger. The actions and due diligence of Deputy Butcher assisted a very concerned family with locating their loved one who was safe and thankfully closed this call with a positive outcome.