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The Division of Environmental Health carries out functions mandated by state and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances. The mission of the Division is “To safeguard life, promote human health, and protect the environment through the practice of modern environmental health science, the use of technology, rules, public education, and above all, dedication to the public trust.” Click the tabs below to learn more about our services.

Food & Lodging

  • New and remodeled establishment plan review
  • Permitting of food and lodging establishments that serve the public
  • Routine inspection of a wide range of establishments that serve the public including but not limited to foodservice establishments, day cares, schools, institutions, tattoo parlors, and lodging establishments
  • Complaint investigations
  • Disease outbreak investigations


  • Public Education
  • Performs environmental investigations when children less than six years old are confirmed with elevated levels of lead in their blood


  • Public Education
  • Enforces on-site sewage disposal laws and regulations
  • Performs soil/site evaluations to determine if property not served by a public sewer system is suitable for a septic tank system
  • Inspects the installation of septic tank systems
  • Complaint investigations


  • Public Education
  • Enforces state and local private drinking water well laws and rules
  • Permitting and inspection of new wells, well repairs and well abandonment
  • Private well water sampling


  • Public Education
  • Enforce state public swimming pool regulations
  • Permit and inspect all public swimming pools in Forsyth County
  • Complaint investigation

Vector Control

  • Submit a Request or Complaint
  • Mosquito Control
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Employee Phone
Michelle Bell (336) 703-3141
Craig Bethel (336) 703-3143
Ken Bowyer (336) 703-3155
Charles Cahill (336) 703-3152
Joseph Chrobak (336) 703-3164
Patrick Daugherty (336) 703-3163
Carla Day (336) 703-3144
Clarence Edwards (336)703-3131
Sheryl Emory (336) 703-3140
Craig Faircloth (336) 703-3166
Betty Frericks (336) 703-3158
Ryan Harrison (336)703-3170
Grayson Hodge (336) 703-3383
Doris Hogan (336) 703-3133
Michelle Kirkley (336) 703-3129
Andrew Lee (336) 703-3128
Daniel Lemons (336) 703-3142
Jimmy McHone (336) 703-3151
Mike Merrell (336) 703-3167
Kenneth Michaud (336) 703-3131
Chad Rakes (336) 703-3165
Eva Robert (336) 703-3135
Nancy Schuh (336) 703-3154
Brandon Shaffer (336) 703-3153
Lynn Stone (336) 703-3137
Edwin Stott (336) 703-3139
Brock Turner (336) 703-3149
Nathan Ward (336) 703-3134
Tony Williams (336) 703-3161

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