Pregnancy Care Management is a statewide program in N.C. promoting healthy mothers and healthy babies. This program provides care management services for high risk women during pregnancy and for two months after delivery by a social worker or nurse.

You may be high risk if you:

  • Have ever had a premature baby (baby born before 37 weeks).
  • Are pregnant with twins, triplets, etc.
  • Have diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, sickle cell, asthma, seizure disorder, mental illness, or other conditions which can affect your pregnancy.
  • Are in an unsafe living environment (homeless, unstable housing, family violence, sexual abuse, community violence).
  • Use drugs or alcohol while you are pregnant.
  • Smoke or use tobacco products while you are pregnant.

How will I know if I am high risk?

When you have your first visit with your prenatal care provider, he/she will help decide if you have any risk factors. If you have any risk factors, you will be referred to a pregnancy care manager.

What will a pregnancy care manager do for me?

  • Help you identify your needs and make a plan to address them.
  • Work closely with you and your doctor to understand your needs.
  • Help arrange transportation to medical appointments, if needed.
  • Help you manage any medicines that you might have.
  • Work hand in hand with you to help you have a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Care Info.

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