Tuesdays at Tanglewood: 2014 Summer Nature Programs

Tuesdays at Tanglewood programs are not set up for schools and daycares to attend in large, organized groups. We encourage your groups to register for a Self-guided Discovery Program.

All programs include a short discussion, games and/or activities, and a free craft


17 - Backyards for Birds and Butterflies – Learn about the beautiful birds and butterflies that live in our region and how to attract them to your own lawn or garden. Special guests from the Tanglewood Arboretum and Wrights Birding Center will be on hand to display plants and feeders. Ally McCauley of SciWorks will discuss the Monarch Butterfly adoption program. Find out how you can adopt and release your own Monarch!

24 – Animal Safari - Construct your own safari gear and then follow a trail of animal signs to discover some of the wild animals that make Tanglewood their home. Participants will learn about different park habitats along the way.


8 – Stream Savers - Streams play an important role in determining of the quality of our lakes and rivers. Join Wendi Hartup of the Forsyth County Extension Service as she discusses stream care and restoration. Participants will also learn how stream critters can serve as indicators of water quality by sampling a ‘mock’ stream.

15 - Who Lives Here: Reptiles - Find out what kinds of turtles, lizards, and snakes inhabit Tanglewood Park and surrounding areas and the important role they play in nature. Find out why these fascinating animals are better left in the wild, and the special challenges of keeping reptiles as pets.

22 - Wildlife Rehab/Owls - Volunteers with the Forsyth County Wildlife Rehabilitators, Inc. (WRI) care for more than 500 wild animals a year. Join a WRI expert to learn about the care of sick, injured, or orphaned owls. Find out what makes these nocturnal raptors such skillful hunters and which owl species make Tanglewood their home. Live ‘wildlife ambassadors’ will join us for this fascinating program.

29 – Nature Crafts - Join Naturalist Beth Beeler and as she presents ideas and projects for a variety of crafts using natural materials. Take-home activities will be available for different age levels.


5 - Ladybugs Lore - Learn all about our native ladybugs and their interesting lifecycle. Participants will be ‘seeing spots’ as they learn how to distinguish various species by counting their markings, and then testing their knowledge with a memory matching game. Find out how these little beauties are good for your garden through all stages of their development.

12 - Native Americans of the Piedmont - Learn all about the Native Americans that inhabited Piedmont North Carolina for thousands of years prior to European settlement. Examine artifact replicas and take a short nature walk to find out how these advanced cultures enjoyed a life of abundance and wealth from our surrounding natural resources.

19 - Trash to Treasure - This program goes beyond the recycle bin to demonstrate useful and creative recycling ideas. Learn how to grow garden treasures using both traditional composting and vermiculture (composting with earthworms). Engage in crafts and activities that turn would-be trash into works of art.

All programs start at 10:00 am at Shelter 2 and last approximately one hour. Admission is free to registered RV campers and annual pass holders. All others pay gate fee of $2.00 per car/$8.00 per bus.

Participants should bring their own sunscreen, insect repellent and water bottle, and wear comfortable hiking clothes/shoes. Programs are designed for all ages, but children age 16 and below must be accompanied by parent/responsible adult(s). Organized groups please contact smithpb@forsyth.cc in advance with group attendance number.


General Park Information

  • Tanglewood is open daily from 7:00 am – Sunset (except on Christmas Day).
  • Pets must be under control of their owner and kept on a leash no longer than six feet at all times. All pets must have current inoculations for rabies. Pets must be kept and never left unattended. Pet owners are responsible for their pets using the designated waste area and cleaning up after their pets at the designated area.
  • Golf, Horse Stables, Hiking Trails and Accommodations are available year-around.
  • Gardens are open year-around. Blooming seasons vary.
  • Tennis activities are available from April to November.
  • Water activities can be enjoyed from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Entrance Fee:
    • $8.00 - Buses
    • $2.00 - All others
    Annual passes can be purchased at the Welcome Center for $25.00. Entrance fees & Annual Admission do not include Admission to Special Events.