Kim Gressley
County Extension Director - 336-703-2851

Agriculture & Natural Resources

April Bowman
Extension Agent - 336-703-2855
Livestock and Forages (pasture and hay)

Mary Jac Brennan
Extension Agent - 336-703-2869
Horticulture for Small Farms, Urban Agriculture and Local Foods

Tembila Covington
Program Assistant - 336-703-2859
Urban Agriculture

Leslie Peck
Extension Agent - 336-703-2868
Consumer Horticulture

Betsy Butler
Maintenance Technician - 336-703-2850
Tanglewood Arboretum & Gardens

Tim Hambrick
Extension Agent - 336-703-2857
Tobacco, Corn, Soybeans, Small Grains, Pesticide Coordinator, Beekeeping, Commercial Fruits and Vegetables and Grapes

Phyllis B. Smith
Extension Agent - 336-703-2858
Natural Resources - Environmental issues, stormwater/erosion issues, water conservation, stream ecology, ponds and wildlife control.

Derek Morris
Agricultural Technician - 336-703-2861
Consumer Horticulture – Lawn & Garden

Mike Bowman
Soil Conservationist - 336-703-2840
Agricultural Cost Share Program, Voluntary Agricultural District (VAD) program, Farmland Preservation

Jerry Dorsett
CCAP Coordinator - 336-703-2843
Community Conservation Assistance Program

Community Resource Development

Megan Gregory
Community Gardening Coordinator - 336-703-2853
Forsyth Community Gardening Program

Family & Consumer Education

Jami Lawhon
Extension Agent - 336-703-2867
Family and Consumer Educator, Foods and Nutrition, Clothing, Extension & Community Association

Vacant 4-H Nutrition Program Assistant
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

Rocio Sedo
Nutrition Program Associate - 336-703-2865
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

Shae King
Extension Agent - 336-703-2870
Financial Literacy, Housing and Home Maintenance, Aging Issues, Parenting Education, and Child Care Training

4-H and Youth

April Bowman
Extension Agent - 336-703-2855
4-H Program Management and 4-H Clubs

Monique Pearce-Brady
Extension Agent
Community Resource Development, and 4-H in Limited Resource Communities

Support Staff

Kitrinka Gordon
Office Assistant - 336-703-2863

Kathy Hepler
Administrative Assistant - 336-703-2852

Deirdre An
Volunteer Coordinator - 336-703-2848
4-H Programs Extension Master Gardener Volunteers, and other Extension volunteer initiatives

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