Frequently Asked Questions

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QWhere do I park?
APublic parking is available on the first floor of the Government Center parking deck, along the street, and in the lot at the corner of Second and Chestnut Streets (adjacent to the jail). Parking enforcement is handled by the City of Winston-Salem. Violations will result in a parking ticket from the City.Top
QWhat are the hours of operation?
AThe office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Applications for Marriage Licenses are not accepted after 4:30.Top
QCan anyone access information contained in the Register of Deeds Office?
AYes. All documents recorded in our office are public record. You can view real property and other documents at

Vital records are more restricted by law and are not found on the website. You may view these records in our office, on one of our public computers and purchase copies; however, certified copies are resticted by law. Top
QHow can I obtain general information about the services offered by the Register of Deeds office?
AIn addition to our web site, we offer a recorded information line at (336) 703-2701. Topics include: hours of operation, marriage licenses, and obtaining copies of birth, death and marriage records.Top
QWhat steps do I take to get married?
AGo to Obtaining a Marriage License for detailed information.Top
QHow do I become a Notary or obtain re-appointment?
AGo to Notary Public for detailed information.Top
QCan the Register of Deeds tell me who owns property at a specific address?
ANo. Register of Deeds records are accessed by name. To access the owner by address, go to Geo-Data Explorer or call Tax Administration at (336) 703-2300.Top
QHow do I obtain a copy of my deed?
AGo to to view and print.Top
QHow do I obtain a copy of the Plat Map to my subdivision?
AGo to to view and print.Top
QWhere can I get a tax map?
APrint a map of your property from Geo-Data Explorer or contact Tax Administration (336) 703-2300.Top
QWhere can I obtain information on outstanding liens and judgments?
AContact the Clerk of Superior Court at (336) 779-6300.Top
QHow do I obtain a copy of my divorce?
AContact the Clerk of Superior Court at (336) 779-6300.Top
QHow do I file separation papers?
AIt is advisable, but not necessary, to see an attorney who will draw up the papers. Both parties must sign the document before a notary public. See our Fees page for recording costs. If real estate is involved, the papers must be filed in our office. Otherwise, the document may be held until time for divorce. Top
QHow do I obtain a Passport?
APassport applications may be obtained at most post offices. Go to for a location near you.Top
QHow do I change the names on a deed?
ATo have changes made to a deed, you will need to have a new deed prepared. If you are not familiar with preparing it yourself, an attorney can prepare the deed. The new deed will then be recorded in the Register of Deeds office. The Register of Deeds office does not have blank deeds and is not allowed by law to help you in preparing one.Top
QHow can I have personal identification numbers removed from information that may be on the Register of Deeds records search site?
AThe Identity Theft Protection Act Of 2005 states that any person who has numerical private information in the records available online from the Register of Deeds office has the right to request at no charge that the information be redacted only from documents available online.

The type of numerical information that can be removed from the online documents is specified in the Redaction Request Form. This form can also be faxed to you, mailed to you (if you send us a stamped, self addressed envelope), or you can pick one up at the Register of Deeds office at 201 North Chestnut Street in downtown Winston-Salem.Top