January Enforcement Staff Members of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Deputy M. Charles with the School Resource Division and Investigator E. Jones assigned to the Investigative Services Division has been selected as Enforcement Staff Member of the Month for January 2024. In the face of adversity, Deputy Charles demonstrated exceptional dedication and resilience in her role at Atkins High School. When the school began receiving threats of violence from a Google email account, Deputy Charles took the initiative to launch an investigation, despite her limited prior experience in cyber-crimes. Her unwavering commitment and meticulous approach to the case laid the groundwork for uncovering the perpetrator behind these threats. Through Deputy Charles' diligent efforts, coupled with Investigator Jones' expertise and collaboration, a thorough investigation ensued. Their coordinated actions, including the submission of a search warrant to Google and an administrative Subpoena to the SBI, resulted in vital information that led to a potential suspect. Furthermore, their joint interview with the suspect yielded a confession, leading to the resolution of multiple felony counts related to communicating threats of mass violence, extortion, and cyberbullying, along with the issuance of a Secure Custody Order for the juvenile suspect. The seamless teamwork demonstrated between the School Resource Division and the Investigative Services Division underscores the exemplary dedication and professionalism exhibited by Deputy Charles and Investigator Jones. Their collective efforts not only ensured the safety and security of Atkins High School but also led to the successful closure of several cases. Their hard work and diligent efforts are truly commendable. Their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and beyond is undoubtedly deserving of recognition and appreciation.