• By Tanya Wilson
  • Posted Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weight Wise Study

Every day we are bombarded with information about the obesity epidemic in America and its ill effects on our health. Recent data shows that North Carolinians are among some of the heaviest in the U.S.

In June 2008, the Forsyth County Health Department received an award from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill to conduct a free weight loss research project for midlife women ages 40-64 years, who meet the income eligibility criteria. The “Weight-Wise” study will help women learn how to balance the foods they eat with the amount of physical activity they get so that they can lose weight safely. The program is 10-16 weeks long, with two-hour group sessions each week. A one-year weight loss maintenance program will also be available to most women. Enrollment into the study begins in January 2009.

Women who are interested in participating must be ages 40-64 years, overweight, and have a household income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. If you want to lose weight in the New Year in a fun and supportive environment, please contact Tanya Wilson at 336-703-3219 to find out if you are eligible.

Click here for a printable flyer with more information.

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