• By Yalonda Miller
  • Posted Friday, November 1, 2013

Choosing Whole-Grain Foods: TIP for Purchasing and Storing Whole-Grain Foods

Are you wondering how to make half the grains you eat whole-grain? There are many choices available to make your grains whole grains, but be sure to handle them with care to prevent spoilage. Grains are important sources of nutrients like zinc, B vitamins, and fiber. When choosing your grains be sure to read the label in search for “whole” grain ingredients like whole oats and whole-wheat flour. Be sure to only buy what you need, check the shelf life, and wrap it up and store it properly. Remember the amount of grains you need depends on your, age, sex, and level of physical activity.

See how much grain you need. For more tips on purchasing and storing whole-grain foods go to: Whole Grain Foods.

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Source: ChooseMyPlate

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