• By Denise McKoy
  • Posted Friday, July 3, 2015

Free Concert with Ken Bloom

Ken Bloom has had a long musical career, starting with studio work in Los Angeles in the 60's and then on to a solo career that encompassed most of North America. He has performed at most of the major folk festivals both here and in Canada and has also worked as an accompaniest for a wide variety of people both famous and not so famous.

More recently he has devoted his time to building instruments, notably the bowed dulcimer. Through his efforts this instrument is gaining in popularity as it makes it possible for almost anyone to play a bowed instrument and get some the sounds that you hear from a cello or violin. Another much neglected instrument he has pioneered is the concert zither. The zither had a burst of popularity in the early 50's as it was featured in a popular film of the time, The Third Man. Bloom was early on very taken with the zither and has adapted it for American music with great success. Both the bowed dulcimer and the concert zither will be featured in this concert.

He will introduce the audiences to unfamiliar sounds in an entertaining way and expand musical views of our ever-shrinking world.

This is a Free concert. No reservation is required.

Wednesday, July 22nd @ 6pm

Rural Hall Branch Library Auditorium

7125 Broad St., Rural Hall, NC 27045

Call 336-703-2970 for more information.

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