• By Denise McKoy
  • Posted Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Learn to use Email

Did you know millions of messages are hurtling through cyberspace everyday? With family, friends and business now on this paperless adventure, you should join them. It's not difficult if you have a greater understanding of what you need and how to navigate. Society today uses email to introduce ourselves, our ideas, products and services…to elicit and exchange information…to cultivate, connect, negotiate, advance, profit, prosper, get ahead. You can discover little-known, easy-to-use techniques for using email to catapult your productivity to a new level of effectiveness and success.

In this free workshop you will learn the following:

  • how to start a free email account
  • copying and pasting
  • composing
  • address book
  • sending
  • creating attachments
  • viewing your email

    Wednesday, August 12th at 2pm.

    Registration is required. Please call 336-703-2970

    Rural Hall Branch

    7125 Broad St.

    Rural Hall, NC 27045

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