• By Kagendo Nyagah
  • Posted Monday, March 21, 2016

National Nutrition Month: Breastfeeding & Its Benefits

With a growing number of women in the United States choosing to breastfeed their infants these days, it is obvious that today the majority of women are aware of the many benefits of breastfeeding. Check out some of the benefits for infants and mothers.

Benefits to Infants

  • Protects baby from illness by receiving natural antibodies and pathogens from mother’s body through breast milk.
  • Promotes cognitive development through fatty acids in breast milk.
  • Prevents obesity by containing less insulin than formula.

Benefits to Mothers

  • Lowers stress levels and risk of post partum depression through feelings of nurturing and relaxation.
  • Promotes emotional bonding with infant.
  • Conserves iron stores by prolonging amenorrhea.

Other Benefits

  • Reduces risks of SIDS in the infant, as well as certain types of cancers in the mother.
  • Cost saving by not needing to purchase formula.
  • Convenient by not having to take time to prepare formula.

The health department offers Breastfeeding Classes for WIC Participants Only! To apply for WIC call, 336-703-3336.

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