• By Monica Cruz, BSPH
  • Posted Wednesday, October 23, 2019

It's National Pharmacy Week!

During the 2019 National Pharmacy Week we would like to send out a big thanks and show our appreciation to our wonderful Pharmacy team! The many services that it provides for our community are immeasurable and we could not do it without each valued pharmacy team member.

Our Patient Assistance Program (PAP), managed by Carolyn Wheeler, assists our patients to apply to receive medications at a reduced price through our pharmacy as well as providing other programs geared towards smoking cessation, sleep improvement, and other services our behavioral and mental health patients may require. Carolyn serves as an advocate between patients and the Clinics and Pharmacy.

Our pharmacists (Katherine Bullock, Norma White, and Cleveland Garrison) work everyday to assure that their patients are receiving the best medication for their case. They work together with physicians to determine proper prescription usage, dosage, and multiple drug usage interactions. Norma’s favorite part of her role is appropriately counseling patients by making sure she is asking open ended questions so her patients understand everything about their medications.

Our pharmacy technicians remain busy throughout the day. Shaniqua Tipps and Suzanne Royal make sure the pharmacy runs smoothly by assisting pharmacists with counting and dispensing medications, contacting doctors on behalf of the pharmacy, and taking refill orders while providing exceptional customer service to our everyday Forsyth County patients!

Everyday is a new adventure in our Public Health Pharmacy and we appreciate everything they do!

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