• By Michelle Bobadilla
  • Posted Monday, November 22, 2021

Modification of Precinct Boundaries and Creation of New Precincts

The North Carolina State Board of Elections approved on November 18 the modification of precinct boundaries of the seven largest precincts and the creation of seven new precincts in Forsyth County – State Board of Elections Approval Letter. All affected voters will be mailed new voter cards and a change of polling place notification letter.

These seven large precincts had over 4,500 registered voters, which the redrawing of these precinct boundaries is intended to ensure that voters can comfortably and effectively vote on Election Day. These changes will be effective for the March 8, 2022, primary election. This summary document provides background information on the alteration of precinct boundaries and the creation of new precincts.

Please contact the Forsyth County Board of Elections for more information.

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