• Donna Staley
    Donna Staley
  • Gayle Anderson
    Gayle Anderson
  • Diane Greer
    Mary Cameron
  • Jerald Holcomb
    Jerald Holcomb
  • El Amin
    Fleming El Amin

  • Katherine Lambe (photo to come)  

  •       Peggy Leight (photo to come)

Director's Advisory Council

Brian D. Hart
    Library Director
Elizabeth Skinner
    Deputy Director
Yolanda Bolden
    Assistant Library Director
Nan LaRosee
    Central Library Manager
Harweda Coe
   Organizational Inititiatives Manager
Mary Giunca
    Public Information Officer
Wright Adams
    Outreach and Community Engagement Manager
Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
    Library Director Emeritus