Tanglewood Park is a part of the North Carolina Birding Trail. The varied habitats in the park offer bird viewing opportunities year-round. Birds spotted in the park include the red-headed woodpecker, Baltimore orioles, bluebirds, brown thrashers, barred owls, brown headed nuthatch, green heron and many, many more.

Viewing areas in the park include the Manor House, the wildlife viewing area, and Mallard Lake just to name a few. One of the newest residents in the park is a bald eagle that has been spotted on the golf course. Tanglewood is committed to keeping areas safe for bird nesting and habitats and invites you to explore the wealth of feathered friends in the park.

For those families or individuals interested in starting a Bluebird trail or monitoring an existing Bluebird trail, please contact the NC Bluebird Society at president@ncbluebird.org.

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